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This section is dedicated to hardware oriented pages / project based on Atmel micro-controller and Arduino (UNO).

Working with hardware can be challenging. There are so many things which may get wrong with hardware. Debugging is also not so easy or require expensive equipment. This may result in failed projects or wasted money. Also it can create a bit of frustration. Arduino is good start point. It contain everything required to run code on single and well documented board. This save a lot of time and prevent at least some of possible hardware failures. That's why I am using Arduino boards if possible. It is also my recommendation.

I personally thing that Arduino IDE is to much abstract. Not all functions of Atmel micro-controller can be used by this software. That's why I am not using Arduino IDE and my projects are based on avr-libc and avr-gcc. I am using avrdude to burn code to mCPU. This software work with Arduino like boot loader and also direct connection using ISP (this require avr dragon or compatible board).

Articles are divided to following sections:

Small projects

How to ...

Functionality tests