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Arduino / Atmel

This section is dedicated to hardware oriented pages/project based on Atmel micro-controller.
I am more software oriented than hardware. For me it is not problem to create software for several platform using not so short range of programming languages, but i don't like development work with hardware. Arduino UNO saved a lot if my time. Using this prototype board i can start directly with code and don't worry about base hardware. Arduino UNO board contain all necessary components to easily start with hardware development. On other hard development software from Arduino group is too much abstract (I think) and not all functions of Atmel micro-controller can be used by this software (at time of writing this text, may change in future).
Due to limitation of developer tools from Arduino i decided to use avr-libc, gcc on Linux system and cross-compile tools avaliable on Gentoo linux. I am using avrdude to "burn" (flash) result of my work using AVRDragon via ISP link. You can find result of my work in following sections:

How to ...

Arduino: How to compile and flash project

Functionality tests

Arduino: realtime clock test