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Welcome to my Wiki

Dear visitor

Thank you for visiting my web page. My name is Lukáš Džunko. I work as "Resident Support Engineer" employed by NetApp corporation. My primary area of work is network attached storage. My role is more like consultant. I work also with various other technologies during daytime. This include network components, server systems, server applications and automation. I work at current position since September 2013.

Previously I was working as Level 3 Unix, Linux and Storage (SAN) engineer (deep technical support) for Hewlett-Packard. My second role in HP was monitoring development and testing of various products. I left HP after 7.5 years of work in enterprise level support.

In past I started exploring information technologies as my hobby. Currently it is not only my hobby but also my primary work.

Documentation is key element. Especially if you work on project or handle complex systems. That's why I decided to create my own wiki and start documenting things. Please don't expect too much from beginning. It will take some time to populate data.

For better orientation I divided my Wiki to following sections:

  • Arduino / Atmel - Atmel mCPU and projects based on Arduino UNO. Mostly hardware related projects.
  • Linux - Linux articles in general.
  • Gentoo - Linux articles related to Gentoo Linux.
  • MikroTik - Articles related to MikroTik hardware (RouterBOARD) and RouterOS firmware / software.

You can find recent changes using special wiki article: Recent changes.

I am keeping list of unfinished articles using TODO List. There may be also message why article is listed there.

Please note that I am not native speaker. I selected English because this will bring details to wider audience. I try to keep all articles as accurate as possible and also grammatically correct. If there is something wrong then please let me know. Thanks